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Seasoned CEO in c-suite board room at the corporate headquarters. Image Credit: / DotShock.

What about a CEO from the 8th-ranked Fortune 500 Company List worth over $200 Billion?

Not only did I find out what this CEOs email address was, I wrote an email so compelling…

A Sales Executive celebrating after closing a large enterprise sales deal. Image Credit: / DMBaker.

Find out exactly how we helped this B2B Sales Executive salvage a $380,000 deal, and an $87,000 commission, all by sending $133 in roses from 1800Flowers.

Curious? Let’s get “Inside”…

Greetings to you fellow business…

Marty Stewart

Marty Stewart, Host of InsideSalesTV. Tips, Tools, Growth Hacks to Generate More Leads + Increase Sales: Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, PR

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